Small Business Saturday Yarn Haul

I’d thought I’d share my yarn haul from my Small Business Saturday excursion.

Spencer picked up two skeins of Plymouth Encore worsted in Purple (it photographed blue) and Pink to make his monkey toy. He was ADORABLE as he laid out a ton of colors on the floor and hemmed and hawed over which colors he wanted. When he settled on these two colors my eyebrows might have raised a tad but toddlers have their own ideas. So Jellybean of course got what he wanted.

I picked out two skeins of Cascade Heritage sock yarn, one in white and one in grey. These are the beginning of my contrasting bits and bobs stash.

Next up I fell victim to yarn fumes and picked up a skein of MJ Yarns Simple Sock in the most gorgeous deep royal blue. It was appropriately named “Kings Blue”. I have no clue what I will make with this but it HAD to come home with me.

Other than spending time with Jellybean the best part was that the whole shop had a 30% off sale! So I got a sweet deal on all these skeins and supported a small business.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday Yarn Haul

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