Don’t Bake While Hungry

It’s cold and grey here in Kansas. And I made the mistake of baking while hungry. Which resulted in oatmeal lactation cookies turning into peanut butter banana protein muffins and chocolate chip banana bread. I don’t even like bananas! But my house was warm and smelled amazing.

Guess PB and Jellybean have snack and breakfast sorted for a few days?! 😋

Ps. I still have bananas on the counter AND in the freezer. What else should I make with them??

4 thoughts on “Don’t Bake While Hungry

  1. I feel hungry now looking at your photos! How can you resist not diving into them when they are warm and fresh? Have you tried making banana pancakes – mix one soft one with an egg and fry with a mini spritz on med heat both sides – takes a little longer than standard pancakes but very yummy! For others that like bananas just as bananas – eat as a snack from the freezer, like an ice lolly – on warm days obviously!

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