I Just Wanted To Knit

I have been Wishful Knitting some sort of easy baby project. I have some Knit Picks Mighty Stitch kicking around in my stash. I had 1,248 of Celestial blue hanging out. It’s 80% acrylic/20% wool and good for baby knits. I made a Mighty Rainbow blanket for PB and while it’s very snuggley it does pill and shed a tiny bit. So it’s definitely not great for garments so I decided to go with a blanket. And to expedite the blanket making I decided to hold this worsted double to make bulky/super bulky.

Well…then yarn vomit jumped up and bit me. I am TERRIBLE at finding the ends in these pre-wound skeins. I dug around to find the ends and pulled out yarn tangles. So now instead of knitting….I get to untangle yarn. Sigh!

I just wanted to knit!!

6 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Knit

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