Frog It: Everyday Shawl

It’s time for more violins. I am recognizing a pattern in my knitting luck here lately. The Everyday shawl I cast on this week is headed to the frog pond. But let me explain.

I’m still at that weird thong looking stage of this shawl but I did work through multiple sections before confirming my decision to frog. Let me preface with this by saying, this pattern is well written and explains everything you need to know. And I think it was handling the variegated nature of the yarn beautifully.I as the knitter just can’t get my shawl to do what its supposed to do.

Without giving away the secret sauce, I keep messing up the increases at the edges and I never end up with the right stitch counts. So I found myself not wanting to pick up this project and kinda hating it. Life is to short to knit things that make you unhappy. I still want to knit this pattern some day but right now my sleep deprived-mom of two kids-with a full time job brain just can’t handle this. This yarn deserves better.

Tomorrow I will cast on the third attempt to make this yarn a shawl! Stay tuned….

8 thoughts on “Frog It: Everyday Shawl

  1. Life is DEFINITELY too short to not enjoy what you are making. I am only just realising that. I am looking at projects half started and thinking ‘will I EVER finish that?’ – if the answer is ‘NO’ then it’s got to go! I have also found a couple of projects finished but hated and they’ve gone too – to good homes via charity shops I hope! Good luck on your next attempt.

  2. I made this shawl with a beautiful rainbow gradient yarn several years ago. It’s worth giving it time to develop. It will be something you’re glad you did.

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