Emotional Purchasing

I am normally a pretty even keeled person and I can let stuff roll off my back fairly well. I really do have a very good life in the grand scheme of things. However, my work life has been more stress and less success lately. I had a professional opportunity get postponed at the last minute that left me kind of bummed. Jellybean got me flowers which made did make me feel better. But later that same evening I got an email notification that a local to me dyer was having a 40% off and free shipping sale. I caved like a house of cards….I succumbed to emotional purchasing.

The Treasure Goddess Yarn shop sucked me right in. I am feeling the sweater mojo here lately so I picked up five skeins of her DK Treasure yarn in the “Gunpowder” colorway. It is black without being all black so that I can’t see to knit with it. It is hand dyed yarn so I will have to alternate skeins not matter what pattern I pick. But I feel like this should make a staple wardrobe kind of sweater.

Now I find myself slowly cruising Ravelry to find my next sweater pattern….but I’ll save that rabbit hole for another day. Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Emotional Purchasing

  1. I did a lot of that this last year. I’m a SAHM and full time caregiver to my husband’s grandmother, she lives with us. I was pretty down and spent some time on Etsy looking at yarn. Let’s just say my sock yarn collection grew quicker than my 3 year old. I don’t get as much knitting time as I’d like. If I try to knit when I’m not busy during the day and she sees me doing it, I get attitude from her for a week. That I don’t appreciate the home I have, etc. Only time I get is after 9pm and that’s bed time for her and the kids. Then my time has to be decided on whether I want to knit or shower. I think I’m going nuts…

    • Giiiiiirrlll. You get yourself a cup of coffee and sit and knit with pride. Self care is essential and politeness is overrated. Just my two cents ๐Ÿ˜‰ We both can grow old in well insulated craft rooms over flowing with wool!!

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  3. A little emotional yarn buying doesn’t hurt anything once in a while. You aren’t breaking the bank or starving your kids – go for it! And that is a good wardrobe staple color of yarn, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it!

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