Knitting The Card Game

Ya’ll….I may have lost my mind when I opened this box. Earlier this summer I back the kickstarter for Knitting the Card game and it FINALLY came!! I’ve been seeing this pop up all over my social media feeds and I’m beyond excited to have my own copy.

I immediately ignored my cluttered office and messy kitchen and started the game. I roped my dad into playing with me. He’s a great sport!

Turns out he is also a sharp tactician. He read the full rules and promptly whipped my butt. He knew all the rules and I was too busy fan girling to bother with rules. I was cruising along and I got 100 first but I didn’t know about the pattern deduct. So lesson learned….read all the words next time! We played a second time and this time I won that round. The game was super easy to pick up and I can’t wait to convince more people to play with me!!

American Thanksgiving is this week…..I will have more family around to rope in…..

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