A Visit To Twisted

While in Portland my friends graciously offered to help me find a yarn store. And we wandered our way into Twisted and y’all….it was amazing.

They had a well curated shop of lots of amazing mainstream yarn lines and many indie dyers. And with no sales tax in Oregon….I fell down hard and basically handed them all my birthday money. The staff was knowledgeably and helpful but just let me shop and squish yarn in my preferred way. They had Quince & Co and Brooklyn Tweed, neither of which I had seen in person before. I think I lapped the store three times just taking it all in! My friends were so great and helped me shop. They asked some very thoughtful questions and really took an interest in how the whole knitting culture worked.

I came away with quite the haul. There were two skeins of fingering weight, five skeins of DK, five mini skeins and three enamel pins. And I did actually try to thoughtfully purchase so that I didn’t just buy pretty yarn to linger in my stash. I bought yarn in color combinations that went together and with projects in mind.

The tweedy yarn will be a two color shawl, the Hazel Knits in green hues will be some sort of a faded project, the Twine will be combined with existing stash for a shawl and the Knitted Wit will be happy socks for my feet.

I can hear Jellybean rustling in his bed so I need to get moving this morning. I’ll try to get up a separate post where I geek out a little harder over this yarn haul.

Happy knitting!!

11 thoughts on “A Visit To Twisted

  1. I’d definitely love to visit a well-stocked yarn store, I haven’t really been to any at all. Twisted is on my list. The socks in the Knitted Wit should turn out gorgeous. You definitely shopped smart at the store!

  2. EEEEEEEHH so much squish!! If that’s not what birthday money is for then I don’t know what is. Well done on actually buying things with a plan as well, that’s a skill I have still yet to learn…

  3. Ohhhh, nice! And you were in my neighborhood! Twisted is the LYS where I teach the most. Glad you had fun! Knitted Wit is a local dyer here; Lorajean is great. And JaMPDX is just down the street from me!

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