Winter Woolfest 2020

Another Winter Woolfest in Wamego, KS is in the books. I kind of dig all the alliteration that happens when you say that, lol. It was a lovely day but it wasn’t without it’s hiccups and bumps.

I ended up offering a ride to my Grandmother’s cousin who lives near me. All of her friends had backed out on her last minute and she wasn’t going to go alone. I did this because it was the right thing to do and she is a lovely women to spend time with. But I was a little bummed as I was looking forward to having some “alone” time in the car after a busy week with kids and work.

But we made it there and met up with my Mom and her quilt shop friends. There were record crowds at the event and the vendors were stocked and ready to go. I took a lap around the show to see what caught my eye. I brought my budget in cash so I could be held accountable. And I think I did pretty well!

Above is the spoils of the day. Working clockwise from the bottom left, I picked up two 1 oz bundles of merino fiber from a vendor that had a lot of miscellenous spinning and needle felting items. I didn’t catch her name. But I digress, I now have a spinning wheel (another post for another day) and will be taking a drop spindle class in April so I thought I would like to have some fiber to play with. Then from Apothefaery Luxury Fibers I picked up a skein of Brushed Suri Alpaca laveweight and coordinating sock yarn set. I didn’t really need the coordinating mini as I want to hold the Suri alpaca double and make some sort of hat or cowl but she wasn’t carrying any sock yarn without coordinating mini. I’ll just add it to one of my blankets!

Next up are two alpaca or llama stuffed toys for Jellybean and PB. One of the alpaca vendors was going out of business so I picked up those toys for 30% off and they were a BIG hit! Not to mention that both are washable. Then I got sucked into the Wichita Woolery booth and fell down and picked up a sweaters quantity of their DK weight. This is a dark grey base with rainbow speckles aka their Graffiti colorway. They dyer was awesome and helped me open up the skeins to find the four that best fit together.

Lastly I picked up a T-Shirt from the Treasure Goddessbecause who doesn’t need more yarn T-Shirts. And on top of that shirt is some tiny wooden stitch markers from Th’Red Head booth. There are four tiny round sheep markers and one tiny 1 inch ruler marker. I just loved how light they felt in my hand and would be great for my shawl and lighter weight yarn projects where I don’t want a ton of weight on my hands.

After the market rush, our whole group at lunch at a local bakery/restaurant. It was delicious and I came home with two cinnamon rolls. Then we tried to go to a quilt shop but it was closed so we settled for some antique and thrift shops. The cousin and I then peeled off from my mom’s group and headed home. I was feeling tired and ready to be done. Turns out I was coming down with PB’s upper respiratory virus….again.

But I’ll take solace in all of my goodies while I take tylenol and drink my lemon and ginger tea. Happy Knitting!!

10 thoughts on “Winter Woolfest 2020

      • OMG! That is hysterical! I did that…twice. The first was a gorgeous burnt orange merino. Little did I know this is one of the most difficult to spin. The next purchase was BFL. I have a drop spindle. It makes a lovely conversation piece, but I have never used it. Now that I have a golden retriever, I am afraid. Very afraid.

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