All The Singles

I cannot help myself…I started two new spinning projects. I have two drop spindles, one is heavier than the other. I was curious to see what the different weight of spindles would do with similar fiber.

My first project is on the heavier spindle and I’m working on some of the fiber I picked up at Winter Woolfest 2020, its about 1 oz of a merino wool fiber. This is the same spindle I used for my first every handspun. And I’m focusing on consistent but not over spinning the singles. The fiber is super soft and feels great.

My second spin is a similar 1 ounce of a merino blend fiber but this one is on my smaller top whorl drop spindle. Because it is lighter I had to get used to putting more effort into getting the twist into the fiber. It has evened out as I get more fiber on and the whole project gets heavier.

I’m using a park and draft method for both spins. I’m curious to see if I get similar or different yarns in the end. Right now I’m excited to have a new creative outlet. It’s been a nice wind down in the evening after PB and Jellybean go to bed.

What is your wind down?

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