Christmas Baking

I was looking through my camera roll on my found some of my favorite photos of the season and I wanted to share.

First up….baking with a 6 year old and 2 year old equals flour EVERYWHERE. Including all over the two year old who got too close to the mixer when we added flour.

Next up the 6 year old’s version of sugar cooking decorating complete with extra frosting.

And finally about 1 bazillion almond bark coated pretzels. These are the reason I need legging post Christmas :O

The chaos is *almost* worth the memories! I sure hope my kids remember all the fun when they are bigger. Anyone have a favorite christmas memory to share?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Baking

  1. You had some nice moments that will be nice memories 🙂 Glad you had special and funny times with the kids.
    I don’t have specific recollections of Christmas baking, perhaps because there isn’t much of a tradition where I come from. I do remember my mother preparing exquisite fish dinners for family and relatives on Christmas Eve. And the tree and boxes of Christmas cakes we had near the tree.

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