I Blinked And Socks Appeared

I admit….I sorta drug my feet on this project because I was afraid of yarn chicken. But I finally picked them up this week and I blinked and my socks are done!

Pattern: Double Vanilla Socks by Blue Ammonite Designs (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Blissful Knits Classic DK

Needles: US 3s

Mods: ALL THE MODS. I didn’t follow the pattern very and just used its stitch count and guage. I ended up with a toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel.

These socks came out a hair big. Mostly zero ease instead of negative ease, which is fine because these can be house socks instead of boot socks. I probably could have gotten away with 50 stitches instead of 52 but oh well. I might get feisty and look for leather soles to sew on the bottom, who knows?

I did end up using all but 3 yards of yarn on this project so it felt amazing to use a full skein. I saved those three yards for possible future sock repairs. My sock mojo has been smaller than my hat mojo lately but I do like how it feels to finish a pair of snuggly socks!

Happy Knitting!!

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