Two Purple Rain Toes

I have had my Purple Rain Socks project in a bag for almost a month with maybe three rows on on the first sock? I just didn’t feel the drive to work on it. So the other day I asked myself why that was. I answered myself with “I don’t want to fuss with the toes I just want it to be ready for round and round stockinette”.

So I bribed my self with the promise of Dairy Queen ice cream and I powered through not one but both toes for the socks. This KFI luxury sock yarn came wound in two identical gradient cakes so I could do both toes without any yarn management. I have the first sock on the nine inch circular needles and the second I will put in a needle minder.

My needles are Hiya Hiya sharps and this yarn is a 2 ply sock weight. It is a little splitty in spots so I have to pay attention and make sure I am getting both strands in every stitch. It has a nice sturdy hand so I’m not worried about the finished product. But I can see if I only get one strand I will create a weak spot.

These have become my primary purse knitting project so maybe I can start gaining steam. But school is out for the summer so I won’t have as much car knitting time over the next couple of months. But as with many of my projects…slow and stead will win the race.

Happy Knitting!!

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