Fiber Flurry

I set aside some time this past weekend to attend a new and new to me fiber festival. It was a little bit of a hike for me, over an hours drive but I persisted. It was called Fiber Flurry and when I arrived I only found 5 vendors. So that was a little disappointing but they also had a burrito truck outside which helped heal my soul.

The small number of vendors didn’t stop me from buying some new stuff. I’ll line out what what I purchased on a different day. But it was a few bits and bobs to tuck into Christmas packages and mostly fiber to spin with.

Mostly, it was a lovely afternoon to myself with no office work and no domestic labor. I even stopped off at my favorite winery for a glass (or two) of mulled win. And I felt pretty cheeky because my curls were on point!

Happy Self Care and let’s get this week started right!

2 thoughts on “Fiber Flurry

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