Turning Up The Crazy

Maybe it’s the short days, audit season at work or maybe my seasonal effectiveness disorder but I did something either cute or completely looney. I found tiny hangers on Amazon to hang my tiny ornamental sweaters, lol.

The hangers are teensy bit small and fall out. But I think if I wash the sweaters and neaten the necklines that will help. I can also take some coordinating sewing thread and attach the hangers if necesssary.

And of course, knit the remain 19 tiny sweaters! Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Turning Up The Crazy

  1. Here’s to a year filled with many knitted projects to log in your planner! Is this your first year witn the KP, or have you used it before? I tried it the first year they were out, but the plastic binding didn’t hold up well for my daily carrying it in my bag. Is the spiral still plastic, or has it been changed to metal (I can’t tell on their site)?
    I considered the binder version this year, but it’s just not as pretty, and no clip-in compatibility. I am a planner junkie so I hope I can find a way to use this one again in the future. I do use their knit design notebook by itself to plan and track some of my projects. 🙂

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