Knitting With Coworkers

My endless days of knitting at lunch and wearing my FOs to work has taken a toll finally. I have had several coworkers ask if it would be hard to learn to knit. And not being one to stifle the urge to create and craft I have agreed to teach them.

There is another avid knitter that works with me that’s agreed to help me get them started. I’m envisioning a “Stitch N Bitch” or “Knit Night” style weekly gathering with snack and beverages of your choice. Maybe over a 4 to 5 week period depending on schedules in the fall?

My first dilemma is what to teach them? My first instinct was a ruffle scarf. They are easy, compact, and provide instant gratification.


But I have always wanted to do something for Project Linus. A simple blanket is a great way to learn to knit and giving a child the comfort of a homemade blanket is priceless. I thought the One Row Blanket de la Harlot would be great because its a one row pattern of 4 stitches repeated over and over. Not to mention its big yarn on big needles!


Not to mention the texture is fantastic on the FO and you look like a nifty knitter!


Or maybe do both and start with the scarf?

Has anyone else attempted this before? All comments and suggestions are welcome! I plan on picking a plan and doing up some basic instructions and diagrams along side the pattern so they have good visual aids in between meetings.

Oh boy, what have I gotten into?!

9 thoughts on “Knitting With Coworkers

  1. If they’ve NEVER picked up needles before, if start with simple washcloths with multiple basic textures. Maybe 10 rows stockinette, 10 rows garter, 10 rows in a basket weave, 10 rows seed stitch, etc. get them used to basic knit and purl before anything more complicated. After that, maybe the blanket pattern in a scarf size?

  2. Why not do a combined big blanket? They could all knit a few squares (starting with just garter stitch for absolute beginners) progressing to a simple lace pattern or a little bit of colour work. Sew them together and donate to a good cause or raffle it for charity.

  3. Oh how nice to gather a few people together at work and knit together! Both the blanket and the ruffle scarf are good projects to start with, but I think to begin with, the scarf might be better ‘cos it’ll definitely be finished faster than the blanket. Newbies may not like to start a project that takes a while to finish. After the scarf they may want to try the blanket and use that project to practice their knits and purls 🙂 Hope my suggestion is helpful.

  4. I teach coffee mug cozies first, usually in garter stitch. I think showing them you don’t have to knit in the round to make something round is reassuring, plus they knit up super quick and who cares if there’s a goof!

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