Knitting With Coworkers

My endless days of knitting at lunch and wearing my FOs to work has taken a toll finally. I have had several coworkers ask if it would be hard to learn to knit. And not being one to stifle the urge to create and craft I have agreed to teach them.

There is another avid knitter that works with me that’s agreed to help me get them started. I’m envisioning a “Stitch N Bitch” or “Knit Night” style weekly gathering with snack and beverages of your choice. Maybe over a 4 to 5 week period depending on schedules in the fall?

My first dilemma is what to teach them? My first instinct was a ruffle scarf. They are easy, compact, and provide instant gratification.


But I have always wanted to do something for Project Linus. A simple blanket is a great way to learn to knit and giving a child the comfort of a homemade blanket is priceless. I thought the One Row Blanket de la Harlot would be great because its a one row pattern of 4 stitches repeated over and over. Not to mention its big yarn on big needles!


Not to mention the texture is fantastic on the FO and you look like a nifty knitter!


Or maybe do both and start with the scarf?

Has anyone else attempted this before? All comments and suggestions are welcome! I plan on picking a plan and doing up some basic instructions and diagrams along side the pattern so they have good visual aids in between meetings.

Oh boy, what have I gotten into?!