Biggest Yarn Splurge….Ever

My favorite Aunt did something wonderful this year. Instead of trying to find something I didn’t already have and would love for Christmas, she did something genius. She wrote a letter and tucked in some cash, with one rule. Rule: Spend it on something personal and luxurious! It was something she had always wanted to do and would have loved herself at my stage of life.

I knew right away it would be yarn. And deep down in my knitters soul I knew what I wanted….beautiful gradient sock yarn. I’ve been honing my sock skills this past year. And I’ve always wanted badly to work with gradient color. I went to my favorite Etsy store for gradients: Knitcircus Yarns! I’ve drooled over their yarn forever but couldn’t justify spending that on myself.

I chose carefully…Over The Rainbow custom gradient matching sock yarn. My little knitter hands CANNOT wait to get my hands on this. I had a mini panic attack as this is the most I’ve ever paid for yarn. But I’m worth it…I hope!

Stay tuned and I’ll hope to do something very magical with it. Happy knitting to all!

24 thoughts on “Biggest Yarn Splurge….Ever

  1. That’s a great way to spend the money. I feel the same way in that I’d love love love to work with some gradient sock yarn, but it is usually hard to justify these purchases. Enjoy your yarn and I’m looking forward to see what you’ll make with it.

  2. I bought myself two skeins of Knitcircus last spring at Yarncon Chicago, and still haven’t made socks with them because I was too busy doing other things. Of course, now that it is freezing out, I’m regretting it! 🙂 (I got a Greatest of Ease in Ruby and two cakes of Merino Tencel in Holly Leaves.)

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