Podcast Addicted

Ok, I may be late to the party…but I’ve discovered the wonder of knitting podcasts. Why have I been missing these??? Seriously they make my work day better and commutes a breeze!

Right now I’m working my way through the Knitmore Girls from the beginning. They are hilarious and in the span of a couple of weeks I’ve chewed through 75 episodes. (Don’t tell the hubby lol). I’ve tried a few more but I’m not sold on them yet so I won’t mention then here. At least for now.

My burning question is do you do the podcast thing and if so who do you listen to?

27 thoughts on “Podcast Addicted

  1. I do the podcast thing from time to time – I’ll listen faithfully for a while, the move on to other things, then eventually work my way back to listening. Knitpicks has a good one.

  2. I do like podcasts, in fact I just added 3 to my list over the weekend as I was running out (including the knitmore girls). I started listening to them when my daughter was wee and sleeping in my lap a lot. I have a list on my blog under the podcast category if you’re interested.

  3. I will try this one! I listen to Snap Judgement, This American Life, Radio Lab, TED Radio… Lots and lots of podcasts! I am in the car a lot and podcasts are driving company. I also listen while walking the dogs. More people should discover podcasts!

    • All of those podcasts are amazing! My husband and I love listening to them on the weekends, while we do the yard work and garden, and/or while on the road.

  4. I listen to The Knit Girllls, The Knitmore Girls, The Fat Squirrel Speaks, Knitter Pipeline, Just One More Row, Knit Theory, Knitting Samurai and her Guys, The Knit Lit chicks. and some not knitting stuff too. Enjoy!

  5. I also am a fan of woolful and knit.fm. I like buckaloo view as well, though she only just started, so there’s just a few episodes. Non-knitting related, I was a huge fan of sound medicine, an npr podcast, though their funding just dried up, there are some really awesome episodes. Yay podcasts!

  6. I listen to Ichigo Abroad, Homespun House, Yarnder Women, Pink Hair Girls Podcast, AndreSueKnits. I’m a bit late to join the party as well I just got into them this year.

  7. I slid down this rabbithole myself. I had started with just a few – Knitmore Girls and Fluffy Fibers but my job just changed and I can listen at work now so I’ve been exploring. Here are some new ones that I love – Prairie Girls Knit, A Playful Day, Down Cellar Studio Podcast, Actually Knitting and Commuter Knitter Podcast – enjoy!!

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  9. I listen to a bunch too: Fluffy Fibers, Teaching Your Brain to Knit, A Playful Day, Never Not Knitting, Curious Handmade, The Yarniacs, Shinybees, the PomPom Quarterly podcast, and Woolful.

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