Rainbow Vanilla Socks

Shocker of shockers….I’m knitting more socks!

These are vanilla toe up socks in Knit Picks stroll handpaints in a rainbow mix. (I’ll have to check the official name later.)
This yarn is thicker to me than the felici so I’m looking forward to a nice dense sock over 70 stitches on a U.S. 1 needle. I’m already through the toe increases! These are going to be my bedside project. So little by little they should grow.

What’s your bedtime knitting?

13 thoughts on “Rainbow Vanilla Socks

  1. Mrs. P, do you have a local yarn store nearby. There are some tricky points, but if they were all that difficult, the sock knitters would be hanging their head in shame. Your local yarn store, or the CometoSilver sock tutorial is a very useful tool for getting it. http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/
    She’s helped me through many a question, and now I knit pretty much what I want in socks, I just haven’t gotten to cabling yet;-). @atangledyarn…these socks promise to be pretty. I may have to find some similar yarn for a friend. I got her a sock loom for her birthday;-)

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