FO Friday: Confernce Vanilla Socks

My Conference Vanilla socks are finito!  

Pattern: 74 stitch vanilla sock

Needle: US 0s

Yarn: Saki Bamboo in Crayon Box

I made these a bit taller than normal given the put up in the skein was generous. And these have the most negative ease I’ve ever put in a sock. They are quite snug and hopefully will stay up. I knit over 74 stitches but probably could have used 76 or 78. The afterthought heels are also a bit snug. Probably could have used a 60% heel versus my standard 50%. The cast off on one sock is pretty tight. It’s fine for now but may need redone, time will tell. Sigh, all silly little oops.

I adore the colors and the fabric this created. I’m anxious to see how the bamboo content holds out. But this blend was heavenly to knit with. I’m a little disappointed that little missteps added up and the socks aren’t “perfect” but I keep telling myself perfect isn’t everything. It’s all about character!

Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “FO Friday: Confernce Vanilla Socks

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