The Power of Knitters

I am in need some help.  A dear friend has a beautiful boy who will have a bone anchored hearing device implanted by this fall. He’s an active farm kid that doesn’t let anything slow him down. But as a momma she wants to keep him warm and snuggly as he’s tending cows with dad. She sent me this website and asked if I could help knit a hat for them.

Ponto Hat


It’s an adult pattern with rough directions from a medical website. I could make it work but I feel like this kid who has overcame so much already deserves better! I’m calling on the collective good hearts of knitters to help me find a better/more fun pattern. I spent a long time rolling around Ravelry but didn’t locate any patterns. Perhaps I’m just not entering the right search terms? So have any of you out there come across a pattern for a knit hat that accommodates a hearing device?

10 thoughts on “The Power of Knitters

  1. I don’t know of any hats, BUT I went and looked at this one. It seems to me that you could adapt any hat pattern that is relatively close fitting. Just use the measurements in this hat pattern to determine how far up to put the hole. When you get there, bind off two stitches, work back and forth for a couple of rows, then cast on two stitches and continue working in the round however your chosen pattern dictates. You also could make this hat more fun by making it striped or doing other color work. Don’t let the hole intimidate you. 🙂

  2. Yep, what salpal1 said. I’ve always liked the Strib hat. You could even just use the Ponto hat pattern and play with ribbing and colorwork and make something more unique 🙂

  3. Yes adaptation works well and you could even set up an after thought hole for the device. I looked around for a link, but google Elizabeth Zimmerman afterthought button hole…it works with any number of stitches. You can also add a ‘poofy’ section where the device would go and take it out after you are done.

  4. I have an idea. I have designed an oval hat top because, guess what, our heads are oval! I think it would work well here b/c the device is on one side and the oval helps keep the hat in place. The pattern is not going to be released for a while, but I would gladly send it to you. All my samples are for guys so they are sporty. I’ll go look for your ‘contact me’ info so I can send you a picture.

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