FO Friday: Mutatis Mutanois Socks

My shortie Mutatis Mutanois Socks are finally a FO!

Pattern: Toe Up Vanilla Sock over 68 stitches with gusset heel

Yarn: Nerd Girl Yarns Bounce and Stomp in the Mutatis Mutanois colorway

Needle: US 1 9 inch circ

I usually have pretty good sock mojo, but something about these just made them drag on and on for me. A feeling that ultimately made me make then into shorties. I found that decision very freeing and satisfying!

I used 203 yards or 50 grams of the yarn. So I have a pretty generous amount of leftovers to use on another project. I could have stood to make the ribbing a tid bit longer. As they sit now they are more like a no-show sock than an anklet. I can’t decide if that bothers me or not. But I guess if it annoys me I can always undo the bind-off and knit more with the leftovers!

P.S. These puppies scored me 21 points in the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL ❤

Happy Knitting!!

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