Knitting and Hockey

The husband and I scored free tickets to a local minor league hockey team, The Topeka Roadrunners. We found a sitter for Jellybean and off we went! Of course I can’t go anywhere without my knitting…

I’ll update you later on the detail of this project later this week. I’m already done with it ☺️

As for the hockey, we won 6-2 but I’m not sure I understand the game after watching but it was a nice date night event.

Happy Knitting!

7 thoughts on “Knitting and Hockey

  1. My daughter goes to a University that just added hockey to their list of athletics. I really need to go see a game with her sometime, she says it is fun to watch!! Sounds like a good time. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  2. Hockey: note which goal is yours, turn that direction…steer sideways at breakneck speeds on metal bars under your feet…watch out for other sticks, steer puck to teammate who also steers sideways as you do….volley back and forth until a fight breaks out…two minute rest….repeat and wonder how one of your teams eventually got the puck in the darned goal…wasn’t the goalie watching….if you are goalie, do all you can to keep puck out of the goal…I’d rather be knitting, I’m not an accomplished skater….

  3. We have a very minor local hockey team we have followed for 2 years now. We have learned to love the game, even though I still don’t know half the rules. And now we are moving north a few hours to a larger city and will start watching their minor league team. I find it’s the perfect date night and my knitting keeps me happy and warm!

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