FO Friday: Happy Valley Vanilla Socks

It’s a happy day! My Happy Valley Vanilla Socks are done!

You have to love the simplicity and speed of toe-up vanilla socks with sport weight yarn! I knit these babies in 12 calendar days without too much hassle. I successfully made it without any pooling or flashing. Just some mild striping. I used 98 of the 100 grams of yarn in a simple toe-up vanilla sock with gusset heel. I knit the leg until my ball of yarn got small enough that I was worried and then started ribbing.Β 

I will admit one sock is slightly smaller than the other. It was the second sock. I’m not sure if it was just the rush to finish them or what. I thought I held the second one up to the first to make sure I was starting the various phases at the same time. It’s totally not enough difference that they don’t fit. And no one but me would probably even notice!

All I know is that Winter is still here in Kansas and I have another finished pair of socks for my drawer!

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Happy Valley Vanilla Socks

  1. Love these – I discovered that the yarn that I thought was sport weight was really DK so I ordered some sport weight yarn last night. I’m really curious to see how they turn out.

  2. Pretty! And speaking of winter, I hear that ice storms are headed your way. Stay warm and hope your power lines hold. We are looking forward to a bit of a heat wave next week, Yipee!!

  3. lovely, what matters is that your feet are happy;-)…though I did point you out to my dear James, to say, “See, I’m not the only one who takes photos of my feet to post on the internet.” His response was “goofs,” he just doesn’t get it;-)…

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