Analysis Paralysis

I’m having knitting pattern fever. In the past week I have printed patterns and pulled yarn to make:

  • some knitted knockers from some Cascade Ultra Pima leftovers in my stash
  • yarn for at least three new pairs of socks
  • yarn for Christmas stockings I’m still not sure I want to make

This is of course not counting the two sock WIP, baby sweater, and ongoing scrap blanket sitting in my project pile. And lets not think of the socks and shawl sitting in Area 51 downstairs.

I just can’t get my heart or brain to decide on what to work on. I want to do ALL THE THINGS but of course I don’t have the time for that. Oh but twer it true. My sock mojo seems to be winning. But I am kinda digging the quick win of some small knockers and supporting a great charity. But I guess as long as I’m knitting I’m winning!

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Analysis Paralysis

  1. I go through spells like that, too, where I want to cast on everything. Small finishes help, and so do satisfying ones. Knitted knockers fit both categories – and so do socks. So cut yourself some slack and enjoy them while your brain thinks about al that will come when they are finished. đŸ™‚

  2. I went through this phase a couple of months ago. Once you manage to get them all started you know it will be nothing but coasting through the projects, all casted on and waiting for you to knit on them. And then, suddenly they didn’t know they were going to be finished but they will be finished.

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