WIP Wednesday: Baby Sophisticate #8

My latest Baby Sophisticate is cruising right along. I through the raglan increases and divided for the sleeves. (please ignore the dog hair…)

I really like the color but I can say this yarn can be a little splitty. It’s Cascade Heritage Cherub Aran in navy. It’s very soft from the acrylic content and should be easy care for the new mom and tiny treasure. So I can think I can deal. The baby shower is set for April 30th so now I have a deadline! Should be easy as pie…famous last words.

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Baby Sophisticate #8

  1. I’m also working on this pattern! I’m stuck on how to pick up the stitches for the shawl collar – not sure about why I’m not picking up every stitch, and which sides are the “sweater side” vs. the “left edge/right edge” and the “cast on edge” – help??

    • The left and right usually refer to the side in respect to the babies left and right. I picked up every stitch so that the band didn’t pull in. When I’m in doubt about something I always email the designer through ravelry with questions. They are the expert since they wrote it. Hope this helps!!

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