Flying Felici

I’m plugging away on Nicole’s Christmas socks and I’m just about to the ribbing on sock #2.

This self-striping sock yarn is just so darn addictive. And Felici is so soft that it’s a treat to work with. My dad informed me that he has the traces of my sister’s foot. We just need to be in the same place at the same time to exchange. I’m still nervous about cutting into perfectly good knitting, but I shall persevere!

Happy Knitting

9 thoughts on “Flying Felici

  1. Please excuse my ignorance as a newbie sock knitter ~cutting your knitting ? I’m not sure if I understand does it have anything to do with an afterthought heel ???

    • I will thread dpns into the stitches across the work where I want to the heel to go. For both the bottom and the top and then you snip in between the needles and unravel until you have live stitches on the needles to knit with. I need to do some YouTube viewing to make sure I understand where to thread and where to cut. But that the basic idea.

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