FO Friday: Dad’s Christmas Socks

My Dad’s Christmas socks kind of fell to the bottom of my knitting bag for awhile. But good news they are done now!

Two man sized sport weight socks checked off the Christmas list!

Pattern: My own 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel 

Yarn: Regia 6-ply

Needles: US 2 nine inch circs 

These babies weigh a whopping 136 grams which means there are over 370 yards of yarn in them! They even match reasonably closely in yarn pattern. That was a happy accident. How is your Christmas knitting going if that is your thing?

3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Dad’s Christmas Socks

  1. Your posts have really motivated me this spring and summer.

    I’m on my fourth pair of Dorothy’s Slipped Stitch Spiral knit socks. Not sure if I will gift any but at least I have something in my “emergency” gift box. My sister, two close friends and I all wear the same size shoes so fit won’t be an issue.

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