Summer Morning Progress

My Summer Morning shawl saw some action lately.

I’m done with the true red section and I’m into the pink. I’ve had some trouble with Done Roving in the past with bleeding. I am really thinking about working up until the pink and red are done and then rinse them to test for dye fastness. 

If it bleeds I may have to brain storm how to set the color before moving on. I have citric acid but it could be tricky given that it’s attached to the other end of the ball! My other option is to keep knitting and wash the FO with a mess of color catchers, lol.

Oh the conundrum….happy knitting!

9 thoughts on “Summer Morning Progress

  1. if it isn’t color fast, you might write to Paula at Done Roving and ask her what she recommends. It might be as easy as some vinegar in the rinse water.

  2. You could also do a rinse at the end of each color, just to make sure that they don’t bleed together. That’s probably what I would do… but that’s kind of a PITA!

  3. Somewhere I learned that salt n your wash or rinse water helps to set color. Hope you find what works or best of all that you don’t need anything. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. A month ago I earmarked my Done Roving for a sock head hat but now you’ve changed my mind. I need a garter stitch something for my neck. Mind you, I originally I thought I might do that in the first place, but then I considered sock head and decided on that. I guess it’s good I didn’t cast on the sock head.

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