Cookie Cravings

Happy New Years to all! Now, maybe it was pregnancy in general or the fact that PB (the nickname I have given this fetus = picky baby) has rejected most things I have tried to eat lately……but I NEEDED rolled sugar cookies this holiday. It was just an irrational craving I could not kick.

I baked a batch two weeks before Christmas and then promptly got an upper respiratory virus and didn’t get anything done for 15 days. I was disappointed the cookies were stale by the time I was ready to frost them. So on Christmas weekend I baked a fresh batch and nabbed some buttercream and decorations from my Aunt Barb. And boy howdy did I go to town!

Everyone else cleared out to go to Ferdinand and I had three hours of peace and frosted quietness. My decorating skills leave something to be desired but the cookies were scrumptious and JUST what I wanted. The cookies didn’t last long either!

What was your holiday craving this year?

13 thoughts on “Cookie Cravings

  1. Yummy! You look so happy with your pretty cookie! I haven’t had cravings, but my DW has been baking all the things so we have had delicious treats for a month now. Diet starts tomorrow, lol.

  2. Gingerbread cookies. We used all the different cookie cutters (and then I received a few more for Christmas). Didn’t ice the first batch but used royal icing on the second – I need some practice at piping for next time.

  3. I strangely had few cravings this year. The chocolate chip cookies, egg nog, and kitty kindness were necessities. My kitties tend to play rough & all through the house. I didn’t know if the baby gate would keep them out of the tree.

  4. Your cookies look delicious. I baked an insane amount of Peppernut Cookies. I had three Tupperware containers full of them

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