Major Milestone

Here’s a milestone I thought I’d never reach…this little blog has reached a 1,000 followers!

Sometimes I’m really amazed anyone wants to read my yarny ramblings. I’ve been at this on August 28th, 2012….five years ago. I haven’t always been the most consistent but this blog has been a source of knitting community when I didn’t have access to a physical one and when I couldn’t be with other IRL knitters. I have always kind of viewed this space a journal of sorts that helps me stay centered and connected. I’m beyond tickled that other crafters want to see what shenanigans I am up to. I think knitters (and crocheters) are just about the best kind of people.

This milestone has inspired me to do a 1,000 follower give away. I’m going to toss my stash and find a golden skein to share with one of you. So stay tuned for further details!

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “Major Milestone

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