The Day Has Come

Seven years and about 1,500 posts and it finally happened….I ran out of free space on WordPress. Like a dunce I couldn’t figure out why my posts and media was failing to upload…..for like two whole days.

This blog has been a source of therapy, community, and joy over the years. And I’m not about to quit now. So I ponied up and paid for extra space and my own domain. Now I’m an accountant and not an IT person (that’s my hubby) so pardon me if my blog has a few kinks in the next weeks.

I think in celebration of this milestone I want to have a giveaway. What sounds better….a free pattern on Ravelry or some yarn from my yarn cave?


1,000 Follower Giveaway

Here it is folks…the giveaway I teased you about on Monday!

This is a golden skein from my stash that just never found the right project. It’s a hand painted 435 yard skein of sparkle sock yarn in Cranberry from Across the Yarniverse. I don’t think this dyer is is dying anymore but I knit some socks from another skein of sparkle sock in a light pink that I still have today. Her colors were amaze-balls.

Okay….the knitty gritty so to speak….to win this skein you must:

  • Be a follower of this blog
  • Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you would knit with this skein
  • Include your Ravelry name in the comment so I can PM the winner for shipping details.
  • One entry per follower/subscriber

This giveaway will close the evening Friday March 16th at 8 pm or whenever Jellybean finally passes out at bedtime. And I’ll stick the skein into the mail for the lucky winner!

Happy Knitting!!

**its now Friday the 16th and I have picked a winner! Will post the announcement tomorrow in a separate post!**

Major Milestone

Here’s a milestone I thought I’d never reach…this little blog has reached a 1,000 followers!

Sometimes I’m really amazed anyone wants to read my yarny ramblings. I’ve been at this on August 28th, 2012….five years ago. I haven’t always been the most consistent but this blog has been a source of knitting community when I didn’t have access to a physical one and when I couldn’t be with other IRL knitters. I have always kind of viewed this space a journal of sorts that helps me stay centered and connected. I’m beyond tickled that other crafters want to see what shenanigans I am up to. I think knitters (and crocheters) are just about the best kind of people.

This milestone has inspired me to do a 1,000 follower give away. I’m going to toss my stash and find a golden skein to share with one of you. So stay tuned for further details!

Happy Knitting!!

Podcast Goodies

Awhile back Emily from the Knitting Butterflies podcast has a contest on her show. I entered on a whim because she was giving away a seriously adorable Erin Lane bag and because the contest was about iTunes reviews. I think if you enjoy a podcast that you should support them. I might have drooled over the bag a little too….

And I won! I am ever so grateful to all the bloggers and podcasts who take the time all and all the work involves to gather and ship prizes for these kinds of things. It has to be crazy to fit this stuff in on top of everyday life and a successful podcast. She even tucked in a skein of golden sock yarn!

Now what to put in the bag???

A Nice Surprise

I listen to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of blogs. And therefore I enter giveaways from time to time. I never really think I’m going to win but sometimes I get s nice surprise. 

Awhile back the 2knitlitchicks had a giveaway sponsored by Dragonfly Fibers to celebrate their Masterpiece Knits collection. And I won! A copy of the collection and skein of Damsel in the Earth and Green color.

The patterns are clever and beautiful. The patterns definitely contain skills that will stretch my abilities. But I think I’m up for the challenge! And the yarn….

It’s so rich and lovely. I just want to pet it for days! Just goes to show that you never know what surprises await if you just give it a try!

Happy Knitting!