The Day Has Come

Seven years and about 1,500 posts and it finally happened….I ran out of free space on WordPress. Like a dunce I couldn’t figure out why my posts and media was failing to upload…..for like two whole days.

This blog has been a source of therapy, community, and joy over the years. And I’m not about to quit now. So I ponied up and paid for extra space and my own domain. Now I’m an accountant and not an IT person (that’s my hubby) so pardon me if my blog has a few kinks in the next weeks.

I think in celebration of this milestone I want to have a giveaway. What sounds better….a free pattern on Ravelry or some yarn from my yarn cave?


12 thoughts on “The Day Has Come

  1. Hah! This happened to me a few years ago. Initially, I started by dumping extra photos that I didn’t think I needed anymore. But, that was a lot of work and didn’t help for long! So, I had to pony up as well. I don’t regret it! Congrats, I think? Haha!

  2. Yarn!!!

    I have this same problem. I have deleted a lot of photos from years ago, and I know I could get on and resize the ones that are left, but that feels like so much work. I haven’t looked into the cost of my own domain. Is it reasonable? I hate to face the eyeroll that will come when I say my little blog will now cost money… 🥴

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