Playground Knitting

Jellybean is currently in a…..lets just call it sleep rebellion. And only mommy is allowed to “help” him. So pardon me while I down my second coffee because I’ve been up since 4 am.

We have been spending a lot of time in parks to help him run off his toddler wiggles. And I’ve taken my knitting! God bless Erin Lane bags and their handy snap feature….

I had my Vacation Vanilla Socks clipped right to my belt loop and knit while Jellybean performed play yard acrobatics that made me cringe and smile. I guess this way we both have a little creative time!

Happy Knitting!!

Podcast Goodies

Awhile back Emily from the Knitting Butterflies podcast has a contest on her show. I entered on a whim because she was giving away a seriously adorable Erin Lane bag and because the contest was about iTunes reviews. I think if you enjoy a podcast that you should support them. I might have drooled over the bag a little too….

And I won! I am ever so grateful to all the bloggers and podcasts who take the time all and all the work involves to gather and ship prizes for these kinds of things. It has to be crazy to fit this stuff in on top of everyday life and a successful podcast. She even tucked in a skein of golden sock yarn!

Now what to put in the bag???

Enabled: Knitmore Girl Style

I was minding my own business on the evening of April 1st when Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls Podcast hardcore enabled me with a FB post from Erin Lane Bags. As a not so April fools joke the ladies at Erin Lane Bags had an April Fools 50% off sale….no joke! I’m a weak weak knitter so I hoped on and couldn’t believe my eyes. So two sock bags made it into my cart and then into my mailbox. 

  I was feeling guilty about all the knitting related shopping I have done this year but my mom piped up and said she thought they were beautiful and she would pay for them for a Mothers Day gift. I get something pretty and she doesn’t have to shop. I love that my mom is also an enabler!