Podcast Goodies

Awhile back Emily from the Knitting Butterflies podcast has a contest on her show. I entered on a whim because she was giving away a seriously adorable Erin Lane bag and because the contest was about iTunes reviews. I think if you enjoy a podcast that you should support them. I might have drooled over the bag a little too….

And I won! I am ever so grateful to all the bloggers and podcasts who take the time all and all the work involves to gather and ship prizes for these kinds of things. It has to be crazy to fit this stuff in on top of everyday life and a successful podcast. She even tucked in a skein of golden sock yarn!

Now what to put in the bag???

4 thoughts on “Podcast Goodies

  1. Amazing. I am always totally inspired and impressed by podcasters too; it seems many do is as a side-project to very busy lives. And if the podcast is crafting related it’s truly impossible to imagine how they fit it all in.Anyways, congrats on the beautiful win!

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