My Little Strawberry

PB has turned out to be very very very temperature sensitive. As in she hates air conditioning and LOVES the Kansas summer heat. Lets just say Mommy has been sweaty and baby has been happy as we have wiled away the hours in the shade of the garage on the driveway.

This meant I have been pawing through my hand knits bin to look for warm snugly things to keep her happy without the rest of us melting while indoors. I found a strawberry cocoon I knit so long ago that it’s not even in my Ravelry projects! I mean it was so early in my knitting career that I knit both items flat and seamed! Oh, how young and naive I was….

This was the best photo I managed to get…and she was rooting around for some milk. Needless to say about 12 seconds later this photo session dissolved into baby screams demanding boob. I will try again another day when shes happy and fed…. before she is too big. (I also have blackberry cocoon I knit from the same pattern that also needs photos!)

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “My Little Strawberry

  1. What a cute snuggly!!! I admit that I knit a lot of 3/4 sleeve sweaters as I’m the same as your daughter and this way I can be warm without looking weird

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