WIP Wednesday: Thotful Spot Hat

The knitting and napping method worked so swell the other day that I tried it again on my Thotful Spot hat!

I’m past the brim and well into the stockinette section. I just need to hit the magic number of 7 inches of work and I can start decreasing for the crown! This project has moved into the “bedside table” slot now that it’s stockinette in the round (in addition to nap-time knitting). But will have to be demoted after I get to the decreases. Double pointed needles plus counting stitches for decreases do not mix with almost complete darkness.

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Thotful Spot Hat

  1. You’re so organized! I was introduced to a new hat decreasing method- k2tog at the start of each needle- nice not to have to count stitches and it gives a cute swirl effect

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  3. Too cute! I remember running to my knitting the second my babies were asleep. I was just learning to knit so I couldn’t handle both at the same time.

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