WIP Wednesday: Easy Peasy Triangular Scarf

Good Wednesday morning, I wanted to pop in and show you my Easy Peasy Triangular Scarf progress.

Knitting with the ramen yarn is still kinda kooky but I don’t mind it. And I have the pattern in my head now. I just have one stitch marker to remind me to work the faux icord edge thingy.

And with the growth I’m really starting to see the yarn colors start to play. I have progressed through the primarily pink and I’m getting oranges and purples popping in and out. The best part of this project is that Jellybean likes to sit with me and I let him help pull the yarn out of the sock blank. Very slowly and carefully of course! It delights him to no end that he can just go ‘riiiiiippp’ and mommy has yarn to knit with. This project will have good memories for sure!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Easy Peasy Triangular Scarf

  1. Hi! I think I’m doing the same pattern! But one question, when you get to the desired width, do you stop increasing and straighten out? My pattern does not decrease or say when to stop decreasing.

    Thank you! I’m loving your blog!

    • My pattern has me increase all the way to the end regardless of the width. I would say when you get to your desired width just check to see if it’s big enough and bind off. I’m personally not sure how decreasing would work with my pattern as it’s just one big triangle.

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