A Winding Evening

I have gone and lost what little I have left of my mind! The hubby took over the kids for evening to give me a much needed break.Β  And I went nuts in my stash! I pulled out and wound up yarn for three projects…

  1. The speckled yarn is for a pair of vanilla socks for little old me. I think this might be my Christmas cast on.
  2. The purple solid and light purple variegated yarn is for a tunic dress for PB.
  3. And the tonal burgundy is for a matching set of winter hats for both PB and Jellybean.

Where and when will I have time to knit all this?? Who the heck knows. But now I know the yarn is patiently waiting for me and I can get straight to the knitting when I am ready. And it’s kinda pretty just to look at.

(Note: for those of you who stress about caking yarn up to soon and getting it stretched out. I double wind all my cakes so they are solid but not overly firm cakes. No yarny stress whatsoever on the fiber.)

Happy Knitting!

7 thoughts on “A Winding Evening

  1. I love winding yarn, it’s weirdly soothing and satisfying! When you say you double wind it, do you mean you wind from the skein into a cake, then wind from the cake into a new cake? I might have to try that. Plus it’s an excuse to keep winding a bit longer πŸ˜€

  2. I, too, love to wind yarn! It’s all part of the satisfying process of knitting. Then I set out the cakes on my table so I can enjoy the gorgeous colors, knowing that when the time comes, I can begun the process of even more knitting fun. Anticipating your FO’s; your colors are delicious!

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