A Winding Evening

I have gone and lost what little I have left of my mind! The hubby took over the kids for evening to give me a much needed break.  And I went nuts in my stash! I pulled out and wound up yarn for three projects…

  1. The speckled yarn is for a pair of vanilla socks for little old me. I think this might be my Christmas cast on.
  2. The purple solid and light purple variegated yarn is for a tunic dress for PB.
  3. And the tonal burgundy is for a matching set of winter hats for both PB and Jellybean.

Where and when will I have time to knit all this?? Who the heck knows. But now I know the yarn is patiently waiting for me and I can get straight to the knitting when I am ready. And it’s kinda pretty just to look at.

(Note: for those of you who stress about caking yarn up to soon and getting it stretched out. I double wind all my cakes so they are solid but not overly firm cakes. No yarny stress whatsoever on the fiber.)

Happy Knitting!

Yarn Swift Victory!


In an effort to cull my stash and destash in 2013 I have been going through my finished projects as well. I had a few baby snuggle/kick sacks that weren’t selling on etsy. (My shop is here)

I frogged three whole items because I felt the three skeins of Knit Picks Biggo were destined for more worthy projects. Stay tuned later this week to see what I decided to use this yarn for!


I got to use my new hand crafted yarn swift I received at Christmas! It’s butter soft and smooth = no yarn snags. But it is heavy enough that my yarn wonder can pull it itself. So you have to work (in my case) the yarn winder with right hand and the swift with my left. Takes a few tries to get coordinated but I managed to get the hang of it! Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, lol


I think my swift will be getting A LOT of use!! Now….just where to store it?

Happy Knitting