Winter Winding Party

Here comes the cast-on-itis! I couldn’t deny it any longer so I threw myself a winding party!

In this pile I wound three skeins for my Into The Light shawl, one skein of DK sock yarn for some bed socks and the full skein from my 2020 Advent calendar. PB even helped for a little bit. He was mesmerized by the swift turning and turning and turning. But then he got bored and asked for the iPad, lol.

I definitely have a theme going here. I’m in a very pinky/purply place I guess. The front three skeins will be faded for my Into The Light garter shawl. I guess the outlier would be the teal DK skein for my bed socks. But that was a mystery skein so I didn’t really get to pick the color.

And true to cast-on-itis I have already kitted up that yarn into bags with patterns, needles and notions. From left to right there is: Into The Light in my TanneCasey bag, DK vanilla bed socks in my TanneCasey sock back, and 2020 advent socks in my Supernatural Yarns project bag.

Now I just need to find the time to get all this knitting done!

Winding All The Things!

My sister visited over her spring break so she could get some Jellybean time. This was back during the Plague in our house. It was EXTREMELY nice to have another adult around to help wrangle a snotty cranky toddler. She even gave us some time off for a date and knitting time.

Among other things I was able to get some yarn caked up for my next set of socks. I have been eyeing the Zigzagular Socks by Susie White of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast. This pattern looks fantastic in variegated yarn and would allow me to dip my toe into cabling. And their podcase is amazeballs and look forward to each episode.

 The pattern is printed, my needles gathered up, and the yarn caked. No reason not to start! I am going to modify these to toe up with an afterthought heel. Just because I know that is what works for me. I don’t think Susie will mind.

Happy Knitting!