Washing Day

In the never ending laundry pit that is my basement, I finally wore enough hand knit socks/cowls/shawls to warrant a washing day. I gently soaked and washed my hand knits in some wool wash and hung them out to dry.

My genius hack this year….wire hanging frames with clips for my socks! I’m able to hang my drippy woolens in safe area of the laundry dungeon and have them nicely clipped or draped to dry really quickly. I’ve had these hangers for years as I got them for my long gone craft fair display days. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? It takes up sooooo much less space than my clothes line method!

As you can tell I’m not terribly fussy about blocking my hand knit socks after washing. Do I care they don’t look as nice? Yes. But do I have the hours in the day or energy to address this….no. See yesterday’s post, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Washing Day

  1. What a fun bunch of socks! I just grabbed all mine from the laundry room this morning and my arms were full of handknit socks–it’s pretty satisfying to see the proof of our work. 🙂

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