Planning Northeasterly

I have gone completely bananas. There is just no other explanation for what I did. I went and lost what little I had left of a brain and ordered a cone of yarn….A CONE! It’s a million miles of fingering weight un-dyed yarn. All because I needed to start another scrap blanket.

I have been seeing and hearing about Northeasterly by Melissa Alexander-Loomis all over blogs and vlogs and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I almost started right off with my scraps from my mitered square memory blanket. But the pattern is written for DK and Fingering. You can achieve DK weight by holding two fingering weight yarns together. And my brain went “Oh…let’s do a marl!” and off I went to find some white un-dyed yarn. I snagged a cone of Franklin’s Natural sock yarn from Webs that was on sale so that I can hold doubled with my scraps. I will get a lovely marled yarn look and make all the crazy scraps look a little more cohesive.

When will I have time to start this? Who knows! But I have the yarn kitted up in a project bag with the pattern. I’m hoping to dig out some US 5 needs on the shortest cord I can find in my stash. I really don’t want to work on straight needles or managed a bunch of extra cord for not that many stitches. Maybe this will make a great new start for the 2019 new year?

Happy Knitting!!

12 thoughts on “Planning Northeasterly

  1. That cone will serve you well. But a word of caution- coned yarn blooms and shrinks a lot. You might want to wind some off and wash it before using, so you get what you think you are getting when you knit it up.

  2. I have that pattern queued to start after I finish 1 1/2 knitted patchwork recipe blankets. It looks so pretty, and I’m always looking for ways to use up leftover bits of yarn. You aren’t crazy – buying a cone will give the blanket a cohesive look.

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