Planning For 2020

I’m a planner. I’m a color coding fool. I like to keep my thoughts and plans on paper. I get a thrill from making a list and crossing things off the list as they get done. In past years for my work life I have kept a planner that helped me from going insane or forgetting things. I think it has made me a better employee and project manager.

So this year I decided to add one for my personal life. So why wouldn’t it be knitting themed?? I did a lot of research on the internet and settled on The Knitters Planner after I saw how much Megan of the Stockinette Zombies used hers.

It was an investment for sure. There were many other options that would have been more inexpensive. But this one has space for personal tracking, knitting features and a few adds on to help my day to day crazy.

I’m only a few weeks in but I have been tracking my meal planning, downloading all of my to-dos onto paper so my brain has more space and just getting inspired for my 2020 knitting plans. I’m definitely not a full blown bullet journaler, with a full time job and two tiny humans I just don’t have the minutes in the day. And I may not get to all my goals and have to give myself some grace. But for right now I feel energized and more in control of my chaos.

What do you do to corral your chaos?

10 thoughts on “Planning For 2020

  1. Good for you and the planner looks fun. I tried to bullet journal last year but gave up around April. I’m not as organized with my time as I should be. Now that I’m retired my usual plan is the Scarlet O’Hara saying “Tomorrow is another day”. Many wasted hours for sure!

  2. Last year, I purchased the Strickmich planner from Martina Behm. I loved the concept, but it was way too granular for me There were so many places to record even the tiniest minutiae. I found it was too much to maintain daily. I would love something similar in an undated style so I could have it for longer than one year.
    For the past few years I have been using Journal 21 by Exacompta.
    It is daily and refillable. It’s a little pricey, but if it works for me, then I’ll use it for sure. I compare my paper calendar with my Google calendar each morning and right before bed. I used to love the Space 17 style, but I grew out of it!
    There is noooo substitute for a paper planner!

  3. I tried a bullet journal and the Passion Planner and found both to be far too fiddly. I agree with ReginaMary that recording all that minutiae is too much work for limited return. I went low-frills in the end with an Inamio weekly planner with monthly views and notes pages. But now I wish I’d gone with the Knitter’s Planner! Next year …

  4. I was nodding throughout your post. I am EXACTLY like you! Friends try to encourage me to use my phone for my calendar, but I need and rely on the paper version. -Dianne

  5. I have been bullet journaling for the last 3 years and find that works well for me. It isn’t beautifully written in calligraphy like you see on Pinterest. Each month I have a page for the month days in list view, then tasks and targets for the month, daily I write where I walked the dog, what I knit or spun or felted, any appointments, any tasks achieved and this year a line on what I’m grateful for. At the end of the month I have a page which is a summary of the highlights both personal, as a couple and creatively and I tick off all the finished tasks I’d set and carry forward any missed ones to next month. This works well in keeping focused, letting me see in summary all the positives of the month at a glance.

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