Over It

This cold and flu season has been brutal, I’m over it! My cough from before Christmas just held on and held on until I gave up and went to urgent care. After an hour and half wait I got a very tired but kind physician assistant who promptly diagnosed me with acute bronchitis. So I was sent on my way with a Z-pac, steroids and instructions to hydrate and rest.

But the good news is that I had my knitting and my ear buds to keep me company and I didn’t so much mind the wait. I listened to an entire podcast and started the ribbing on my Bullseye Vanilla socks. I had completed most of the foot watching Frozen 2 with Jellybean so I was jazzed to see I was at the cuff. I still need to go back and add the afterthought heel. But first…..medication and hot tea!

Happy Knitting!!

11 thoughts on “Over It

  1. Oh dear – so glad you were sorted out eventually – and thank goodness you had a project to keep you sane! My husband has laughed at me when I’ve taken a knitting bag to hospital – I’ll have to show him this blog!!

  2. Love the sock! Perfect way to brighten up an exam room. I see you are working yours toe up. What cast-on do you use? Last time I did one, the toe was way too pointy.
    Glad to hear you are going to be on the mend soon. Be well, Regina

    • I have a straight across toe line with a slight taper to my pinky toe. I work a figure 8 cast on but I start with 20 or 22 stitches because I don’t need all that pointy ness for my blunt foot. I then work every other row increases and plain rows. I have knit enough socks to find what works doll for me through trial and error.

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