Work From Home Style

Still working from home and my current coworker (aka my husband) insists on opening windows or running the AC because he is warm all the time. I meanwhile am freezing my debits and credits off. So I’m looking quite the sight on my Zoom meetings….but at least I’m warm!

I have on my Free Your Fade, my Faded Fingerless Mitts and DK Habitation throw. What is your work at home style of late?

3 thoughts on “Work From Home Style

  1. My style has been black, comfy knit pants with whichever hooded sweatshirt I pull out of the closet. My struggle has been to get enough exercise and steps because I usually sit a lot more at home than I do in the office. I did get four walks in this week after work hours. Oh, and during a webcast I walked on the treadmill. 👍

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