Frogging My Party Top

I’m calling it….I’m frogging the TINY neck band for my Party Top. And this isn’t an April fools joke.

I just can’t pick this up to knit on it so there’s no sense in just letting it sit. I have had this on the needles since November…that is just too long. I still love this yarn and want it to turn it into something (its Moonstone Dyeworks DK in three coordinating colors). I also still want to make this top…but I think I have yarn in my stash that would be better suited to it.

I have found some clarity in my knitting lately and I feel in a much better place to “finish” or “frog” it. I want to work on things I will wear and want. No sense in forcing a project just because it is sitting there.

I am thinking a nice big squishy shawl would be great for this yarn. Maybe with these colors striped or faded? Time to dig into Ravelry!!

Happy Knitting!!

10 thoughts on “Frogging My Party Top

  1. There’s power in making decisions. It’s great to frog and figure out a better yarn/pattern match in the end. I hear ya on striving to like & use (or want to gift) a project you’re happy about making than feeling meh about it and always thinking ‘maybe it would’ve been better if…’
    I think the yarn would make a lovely shawl!

  2. That’s so interesting, as I’ve literally just been checking through my Ravelry favourites and library and really considering frogging Void. The thing that stops me is not just the hours spent so far, it’s the fact I paid for the pattern. But I just don’t believe I will ever finish it and it annoys me that it is too tight and edge where it would go round the back of my neck, as I didn’t do the optional drop stitches until I’d done a few inches. That’s it decided, I’m going to frog it and one day will make the pattern with easier wool. (I’ve been making it with alpaca yarn that’s chain not twisted construction and is a real bugger to do the tricky cables with.

  3. Good for you! I found freedom in my knitting when I got over my hang up that I had to finish EVERYTHING. If it isn’t really enjoyable to knit, why do it? There are a bazillion patterns out there.

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