Of Course I Need Drop Spindle Bags

I may have a self isolation shopping problem. Or as I prefer to think….I’m supporting small businesses and relieving stress. I was window shopping on Etsy and found a maker out of Oklahoma, MagpieWishes, and spotted some drop spindles bags. And magically two bags fell into my cart.

I picked out two different sheep fabrics with fabric drawstring closures. The bags are padded and well lined. They *should* help me protect my tools from my children….maybe. I’m still a sucker for a good tool and a cute bag. I’ve already put them to good use!

Happy Spinning!!

5 thoughts on “Of Course I Need Drop Spindle Bags

  1. What clever bags. It never occurred to me that they would need some type of holder. You are lucky they landed in your cart. Imagine if you weren’t there to catch them? I shudder to think.

  2. I have been browsing (er …. shopping) on line too in the last week. So far the packages have been hit and miss and I am so disappointed. I am sending three things back today – one damaged, one the wrong size, the other my own mistake. I love the sheepy fabric you have there – obviously you had more success than me. I think I just need more practice at shopping ….. sssh don’t tell the husband!

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