A Second Antagonist Sock

No second sock syndrome here….I cast on my second Antagonist Sock!

The yarn is just so scrumptious! The BFL really feels sturdy and soft as I create fabric. And the first sock fits really well so I’m continuing the second sock same as the first. And don’t you just love the beautiful speckles?

Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “A Second Antagonist Sock

    • I use a make one right and make one left where you pick up the bar from the row below. I think they are categorized as lifted increase? I used the Purl Soho instructions from their website to learn how I do them

      • I tried them and it was really fussy with the tiny yarn and tiny needles. Maybe the fact that the yarn was dark and my needles were black…
        I will have to try again.

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