Cast On: Musselburgh

I decided I could no longer resist seeing all the beautiful Musselburgh hats all over Raverly, social media and podcasts and I needed one of my own! I wound up the skein of Yak Sock from Moonstone Dyeworks and cast on my first Musselburgh.

I must admit I had put this project off for awhile because I HATE fiddly cast-ons with DPNs. I am totally capable of doing them but I have a mental block with them. And my needles definitely slipped out of my first try because it is slick yarn on metal needles.

But now I am off to the races and knitting the prescribed amount so I can determine my gauge and stitch count. Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Cast On: Musselburgh

  1. It’s such a fun pattern. I knit a modified Musselburgh for my hubby, ending with ribbing instead. It is a good pattern for yarns you aren’t sure what needles you’ll need for gauge, like handspun.

  2. Enjoy the hat making. I usually steer clear of dpn/fiddly cast ons too, right now steering clear of casting on anything, I shall admire yours as it progresses.

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